Cans & Bottles

Cans, bottles and other plastics, metals or glass may be mixed together in a single bin for curbside recycling, however all paper should be kept seperate.


Not all plastics can be recycled, use the resin identification codes below as a guide:

Examples: soda and water bottles
Examples: milk and juice containers
Narrow neck containers only
Examples: household cleaners and beauty aid bottles
Examples: margarine tubs, six pack rings
Examples: yogurt cups, syrup bottles
Not Accepted
Examples: styrofoam, cafeteria trays, plastic utensils
Narrow neck containers only
Examples: plastic lumber

Be sure to remove all caps, as these are generally made out of non-recyclable materials.


All colorless, brown, green or blue glass jars or bottles may be recycled. Please be sure to remove any lids from these containers.

Only glass containers are accepted, please do not include: window glass, light bulbs, TVs, ceramics, plates, etc.


Most metal containers and their lids may be recycled.

Other Items

Aspectic and gable top containers (juice boxes, milk cartons, etc) may also be recycled with cans and bottles.

Grocery/shopping bags can be recycled by returning them to a local grocery or department store.